Education Ministry announces new positions for Omani job seekers

The applications will be accepted between January 18 and February 9 

Doha, Jan 17, 2023: The Omani Ministry of Education has announced the availability of vacancies for teaching positions for its nationals. 

The ministry said in a statement that it is coordinating with the Ministry of Labour to announce a number of vacancies in teaching positions for holders of an educational university qualification or a university qualification plus an educational qualification diploma, especially for those who are expected to graduate in the academic year 2022-23. Graduates of previous years can also submit their applications. The applications will be accepted from January 18, 2023 to February 9, 2023. 

The Ministry also said that those wishing to apply for the announced jobs should attach a graduation statement, a statement of expectation of graduation, or any document from the educational institution stating their graduation during the aforementioned semesters, with an emphasis on the need to include the date of the graduate’s enrolment in the study in addition to a transcript approved by the graduation institution, ID card, passport and registration at the Ministry of Labour. 

The dates for the examination and interview will be announced by ministry later. 

The jobs are open only for Omani nationals. Those who wish to join these positions must submit their application through the Ministry’s website: 

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