AUS launches six new programmes

The programmes are for the upcoming academic year 

Sharjah, Mar 27, 2024: The American University of Sharjah (AUS) has introduced six new programmes for the upcoming academic year, starting in September 2024. AUS will now offer a total of 54 degree programmes. The new programmes span across various disciplines including a new Bachelor’s programme in Supply Chain Management offered by the School of Business Administration. This programme aims to address the growing demand for professionals with expertise in managing global supply chains, essential for sustaining businesses worldwide. 

The College of Engineering will introduce three undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Digital Construction Engineering and Management, and Bachelor of Science in Intelligent and Mechatronics Engineering. These programmes will prepare students to tackle complex engineering challenges and drive innovation in their respective fields.

In addition to undergraduate programmes, AUS will also offer a new Master’s programme in Machine Learning, catering to the increasing demand for experts in artificial intelligence and data science. Furthermore, the College of Arts and Sciences will introduce a doctoral programme in Mathematics, providing students with the opportunity to engage in advanced research and contribute to cutting-edge discoveries in the field. 

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