Qatar Education Ministry keen to update PE curriculum

The focus will be on a shift from a standards-based orientation to a competency-based orientation

Dubai, Feb 07, 2022: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) in Qatar has affirmed its keenness to update the curriculum of Physical Education (PE). The MoEHE has noted its cooperation with the British Association for PE along with efforts of the team of PE experts and the ministry’s executive team.

These efforts have made a shift from a standards-based orientation to a competency-based orientation, in implementation of the general framework of the national educational curriculum of Qatar, as it is the central reference point for making all decisions related to the curriculum to raise the levels of achievement in PE, the ministry said in a statement. 

On Qatar’s National Sport Day (NSD), the ministry said that the PE curriculum is in line with the development that took place in the general framework of the state’s national educational curriculum, and pointed out that the subject of PE is mandatory for all students, and that it is carried out through the updated subject syllabus document based on educational competencies.

The process of developing and implementing the educational curriculum is based on three main axes that include moving carefully, adopting healthy, safe and active lifestyles, and building character.

Regarding efforts to rehabilitate persons with disabilities, the ministry, represented by the PE Department within its Department of Educational Guidance, emphasised that the curriculum for these students includes strategies that help teachers to employ the different sports they find appropriate, based on the health status of the students, and adapt performance to suit their capabilities.

In a related context, the ministry affirmed its keenness to follow up with PE teachers through the Department of Educational Guidance and the mentors of the PE Department, with the aim of helping teachers develop and achieve professional growth, as well as solving educational problems that they may face, and providing technical services to improve teaching methods and direct the educational process.

The evaluation process is carried out on the basis of clear and thoroughly-studied criteria and foundations, in conjunction with school administrations, in addition to taking into account the reports of classroom visits to mentors.

The ministry explained that there are 763 PE teachers in all of the state’s schools, 50% of whom are Qatari. As part of the Qatarisation policy, the ministry has prioritised Qataris – especially graduates of Qatar University’s College of Education – in order to highlight the competencies of those graduates in various fields.

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