Findel Education announces new business partnership

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Products & Services 

SPECIALISTS IN: Educational resources supplies  


PRESENCE: 130 countries 

FOUNDED: 1817 



Findel Education is an educational resource supplier to schools and nurseries across the world. The company is headquartered in Manchester, UK, and has been catering to the education sector for over 200 years. 


The company’s combined range covers everything from English, Maths and Computing to early years, Science, Sports and secondary art & craft.  

The brands such as Hope Education, Philip Harris, Davies Sport & LDA, cover everything from early years & primary to specialist subjects such as PE, science & inclusion.  

Earlier this year, the company announced its new business partnership with Dryad General Trading, bringing together two leading suppliers of educational resources across the UAE.  

Some of the recent product and services development includes smart ordering solutions that aim to reduce the time & effort it takes for teachers in the classroom to get what they need. The SmartFlow System is one of them.  

  1. SmartFlow System   

For teachers, leadership teams & business managers, keeping control of costs & making resource lists can be complicated and time consuming. This is especially true when there are various departments – and perhaps even locations – to deal with. SmartFlow lets the user nominate which individuals can place orders and who within the school has the authority to approve baskets and costs. Teachers can shop from the Findel Education Resources website for everything they need & simply send their ‘basket’ for approval – all without having to fill out an excel or trawl through bulky catalogues. Leadership teams can control school budgets effectively while having visibility over the entire process. It is flexible, easy-to-set up and a free tool for schools to use when creating resource lists. 

  1. Innovative resources

The Findel brands develop hundreds of new and innovative educational resources each year. One such addition is Electronic Phonics. It is an innovative tool to engage children in phonic learning at all levels. The main reason students like it is that it helps to gamify phonic learning & makes it fun. There are different levels of difficulty built in which means teachers can be sure students get the right level of support, while being challenged as they learn.  


The company works with schools and partners in over 130 countries worldwide. The international sales team is located around the world and the company has offices in Dubai (UAE), Madrid (Spain), Shanghai (China) and Bangkok (Thailand). 


Findel Education has worked with schools across the UAE & Middle East for decades. Its family of brands date back to 1817. It is a direct supplier across the region, with a locally based sales team that enables them to deliver the highest levels of customer service and expertise to the customers. With more than 100,000 resources available across the UAE, the company’s range and resources give teachers choice, value and quality to get the best supplies for their students.  


With a commitment to supporting teachers and educators around the world with innovative and high quality educational resources, the company’s brands and products have stood the test of time and are found in thousands of schools worldwide.

The sales team is supported by the experienced UK-based customer service advisors who are specialists in exporting! The team is on hand to support schools’ every need, answering any enquiries and managing all orders from end to end.  


NOTE: The information is supplied by the company and not independently verified by Education Middle East.