UAE eases foreign degree recognition process

UAE reduces recognition process for foreign degrees

The new amendments by UAE Ministry of Education decrease the number of documents needed to recognise foreign HEIs’ certificates by 85% and reduce transaction execution time by 50%

Dubai, July 9, 2024: The Ministry of Education (MoE) has launched the second phase of the ‘University Certificates Recognition’ system for degrees issued by foreign higher education institutions (HEIs) as part of its Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme, 

The launch of the second phase of this transformation project follows the success of the first phase of the University Certificates Recognition system, which was launched last year. The first phase significantly reduced customer complaints by 85% and boosted customer satisfaction to 90%, based on the Customer Pulse rating in the month of May.

Additionally, the system updates decreased the number of documents needed to recognise foreign HEIs certificates by up to 85% and reduced transaction execution time by 50%. Moreover, this transformation project halved the steps required for certificate recognition.

More than 60,000 students in foreign HEIs are expected to benefit from the new system updates in 2024. 

Dr. Hassan Al Sayegh, Advisor to the Minister of Education and the Head of the Customer Experience Transformation Committee at the MoE, “The amendments in the second phase aim to facilitate the recognition criteria for university certificates issued by foreign HEIs and includes greater flexibility in standards, in line with international university rankings and the standards set by the Ministry.”

According to him, since its launch last year, the system has shown positive outcomes that align with the objectives of the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme. These outcomes have encouraged the Ministry to continue adopting an agile approach and apply further developments that have a significant positive impact on a larger group of students.

The new updates reduces the recognition requirements for certificates issued by foreign higher education institutions for some specialisations, including: Architecture and Built Environment, Computer Science and Information Systems, Data Sciences, Natural Sciences, Education and Training, as well as Law and Legal Studies.

All information and requirements related to the ‘University Certificates Recognition’ system for certificates issued by foreign HEIs are available on the MoE’s website. The Ministry also invites current and past graduates from foreign HEIs to benefit from the new amendments and complete the recognition procedures for their university certificates in a fully digital manner by visiting the MoE’s website.

Click here to visit MOE’s webpage for more detailed info.