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The recently introduced School Games programme will have a positive impact on the development of sporting talent in the country, say UAE school heads of physical education  

The UAE’s current sporting scene is witnessing a growing enthusiasm for sports among the youth. Recognising the importance of grassroots sports, the government has introduced legislation to nurture young talent and build a foundation for athletic development.   

Earlier this year, the School Games programme was launched by the UAE Sports Federation for Schools and University Education Institutions in an effort to develop sporting talent among UAE residents, both Emirati and expatriate students.  The new federation was formed in December 2021 through the integration of the UAE School Sport Association and the UAE University Sport Association.  

The initiative aims to reshape the country’s sporting landscape by providing the right environment for talent discovery and collaborating with all stakeholders to create global sporting champions. It aims to create a structured platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and compete in various sporting disciplines.   

Among the activities prioritised are judo, shooting, fencing, athletics, archery, swimming, taekwondo and badminton. 

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