Dubai School to rope in parent entrepreneurs to train students 

Educators from Citizens School receive their Advanced Diploma certificates following completion of a 6-month mentorship programme.

Dubai, July 10, 2024: A Dubai school is revamping a part of its curriculum to train students in entrepreneurial skills and involving some of its parent entrepreneurs to become mentors. 

Citizens School in Dubai has associated with GHD, a professional services company, to redevelop its entrepreneurship curriculum for students from Years 1-8, launching in the upcoming academic year. 

Leveraging design thinking and project-based learning as core teaching methodologies, the redeveloped curriculum immerses learners into real world challenges, preparing the future generation for a world that values entrepreneurial skills and future-ready mindsets. Key topics covered in the curriculum closely tie to emerging global issues that significantly impact future generations. Prominent among these are Sustainability; Digital and AI Literacy, alongside other essential themes such as Growth Mindset; Global Citizenship;  and Health and Well-being.  

According to the school, parental involvement in the learning journey forms a unique aspect of the curriculum. By tapping into the rich venture experience within the school’s parent community, where around 13% of the parents are entrepreneurs themselves, they will be engaged as mentors. Parents will be introduced to the curriculum and supported in delivering their own entrepreneurship modules in the classroom. Additionally, industry experts from GHD’s community of clients and stakeholders will bring their experience to bridge the gap between academics and future industry demands. 

Recently, Citizens School announced that eight of its educators completed the ‘Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring in Educational Settings’ programme and thereby became the first institution globally to do so. According to the school, it is a reaffirmation of its commitment to redefining education by prioritising educators as coaches and mentors and recognising the vital role mentors play in transforming education. By emphasising coaching and mentoring as a pedagogical approach, trained mentors empower learners with essential life skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and confidence, said a note from the school. 

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