University of Europe for Applied Sciences launches master’s in Innovation Design Management

The new master’s programme offers an integrated approach that merges design, business, and technology strategies I Image: Supplied
The programme is set to commence next fall 

Dubai, Jun 19, 2024: The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai, the first German University in the UAE, has launched its second Master’s programme in design. The Innovation Design Management programme is set to commence next fall under the leadership of Prof. Dahlia Mahmoud in Dubai and will be supported by faculty members from the university’s design departments across Germany. 

The Innovation Design Management programme sits at the crossroads of design and business, aligning with the efforts of the industry to employ managers who understand how to leverage design as a driving factor in business decisions. 

The new MA programme offers an integrated approach that merges design, business and technology strategies and enables students to participate in intense project activities alongside industry leaders and enterprises. 

Amidst the various global crises, including climate change and its implications, the curriculum prepares its graduates to positively influence societal changes. It focuses on cultivating social and ecological responsibility, equipping students to effectively communicate visually and through written designs during crises. The ’Design in Crisis’ module equips students to strategise and create impactful designs, ensuring the message resonates with the targeted audience. The module is mandatory for students enrolled in the Visual & Experience Design master’s programme and an elective for students in the newly launched Innovation Design Management programme. 

The module empowers students to navigate critical situations with clarity and impact, enhanced by hands-on projects and experiences and collaborations with prestigious German organisations. 

Professor Dahlia Mahmoud, Professor in Visual & Experience Design at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, says, “The masters of innovative design management is designed to equip managers with innovative problem-solving skills. The programme blends business and human-centered design disciplines seamlessly and aims to create strategies and messaging that resonates with the target audience. This interdisciplinary approach is essential in today’s dynamic business environment, where continuous innovation is crucial for success, particularly in navigating technological advancements and addressing urgent issues on regular basis.” 

Designed to accommodate working professionals, allowing them to advance their careers while pursuing their master’s studies, the programme offers flexible scheduling options. 

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