K-12 teacher shortage fears rise in GCC amid record demand

New International schools in the region are expected to increase sharply even as availability of teachers from native English-speaking countries is expected to drop  

The GCC region is facing teacher shortages from native English-speaking countries resulting in HR departments at schools and recruitment agencies altering their strategies to keep pace with the new requirements, including targeting talent from newer non-traditional markets.   

Stating that new teacher recruitment across the GCC from native English-speaking countries could drop, Diane Jacoutot, Managing Director, Edvectus, a company which specialises in international teacher recruitment says the shortage could be as high as 40%.   

“Teachers registering to teach abroad from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are down 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This is reflective of severe teacher shortages in those countries, particularly the UK, US and Australia, as well as a general post-COVID risk aversion,” says Jacoutot.  

While schools have prioritised recruitment from within the country and the region, the shortage of teachers from traditional markets has also opened opportunities for teachers from other countries, including South Africa and Jamaica.   

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