How GCC schools & universities are dealing with AI in education

From upskilling STEM graduates to training teachers to embrace the technology, policymakers and educational institutions in the region are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to navigate the impact of generative AI  

Armed with a rapidly advancing computing power, artificial neural network and its resulting ability to master human language skills, generative AI is leaping ahead, acquiring newer capabilities that can surpass human intelligence, thereby potentially transforming and disrupting human control over several business processes.  

Tomorrow when machines can understand, decipher, express and develop ideas, propositions and concepts better than human beings, what are the dangers that it could pose to students who would be depending on these machines that would eventually train them? What will the future role of teachers be? How is the next generation of students going to be trained? How will schools evolve and engage with students?   

Experts from the GCC education sector are cautiously welcoming the ongoing developments within AI and assessing its possible impact. While experts are debating the larger issues, school managements and academicians are trying to factor in some of the more immediate and present challenges.   

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