hihilulu expands its reach in the UAE

Jennifer Huang, Founder & CEO, hihilulu
Find out why the Chinese learning platform is a big draw with leading international schools and language training institutions  

hihilulu, an immersive Chinese education platform, is making waves in the UAE with its innovative approach to teaching Chinese to young learners. The platform has gained recognition for its effectiveness in transforming Chinese language education, attracting leading educational institutions and international schools for its programme. 

The growing interest among educators to teach Chinese language can be attributed to its rising popularity as a second language option in schools. “Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world,” says Nadia Wehbe, highlighting the value of acquiring proficiency in the language. Wehbe is the Founder & CEO of Baby Arabia, an institution focused on language and cultural education for children. 

Wehbe’s enthusiasm for hihilulu stems from the shared commitment to language education and cultural appreciation. When Wehbe met Jennifer Huang, founder & CEO of hihilulu, their passion for languages was immediate. Wehbe understood that hihilulu will offer the same commitment as Baby Arabia to assure that children will learn and enjoy. 

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