Film-based lessons now available for schools in UAE

AcadeMe+ SEL interactive lessons with Inside Out film clips. ©Disney•Pixar. All rights reserved.
AcadeMe+ is offering its pre-licensed education rights of more than 1000 Hollywood films for K-12 education

Dubai, Nov 8, 2021: AcadeMe+, the visual learning platform managed by 9-Digital and licensed since 2019 by the Israeli ministry of education for its entire public school system, will have its international launch at GESS Dubai. 

AcadeMe+ is a global learning platform that offers film-based interactive lessons. The platform offers interactive lessons from over 1,000 films from major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Sony, Fox. 

The pre-licensed education rights of over 1000 Hollywood movies are curated for K-12 students where each film has tailor-made, ready-to-use interactive lessons for schools and higher education, aligned with local curriculum and fully language customizable. It caters to all teacher and lesson needs. 

The platform offers hundreds of films pre-selected by each subject’s national officer, serving 3,700 schools and 120,000 active registered teachers. The platform is available for an annual per-country license for ministries of education, or per-school license for private school networks.

9-Digital, the company managing AcadeMe+, was established in 2019 and is led by digital entertainment industry veteran Yuval Kalati, bringing two decades of expertise in the OTT and VOD fields. 

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