ViewSonic brings education to the metaverse

UNIVERSE facilitates interactive learning experiences through personalized avatars

Dubai, Aug 08, 2022: ViewSonic Corp., a global provider of visual solutions, has made its foray into the metaverse with UNIVERSE. Aimed at students of secondary schools and higher education institutions, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic offers an immersive digital learning platform.

UNIVERSE is a metaverse for education that facilitates interactive learning experiences through personalized avatars. The immersive 3D virtual platform drives engagement, enhances collaboration and fosters a sense of belonging, while allowing educators to teach with more creative freedom and additional digital teaching tools. It also strengthens a sense of belonging for times when classes cannot be together in the same physical space. 

“The pandemic has changed the education landscape, and we’ve seen how digital innovation and technology has helped the education community overcome unforeseen challenges during this time,” says Kevin Chu, Director of UNIVERSE Business Unit, ViewSonic. 

“Through ViewSonic’s continuous commitment to innovation in EdTech, we’ve created an immersive digital learning platform designed to enhance out-of-classroom learning experiences.  UNIVERSE by ViewSonic aims to support educators teach with more creative freedom within online learning environments,” he adds.

UNIVERSE features immersive virtual learning spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls and collaborative spaces. Students can express themselves and interact with peers through personalized avatars. Intuitive controls allow them to navigate around the digital campus and engage with classmates in a safe digital environment where they’ll feel at ease to develop personal and meaningful connections. All communication can be conducted intuitively through private and group chats, emojis and true-to-life spatialized audio.

Teachers can utilize comprehensive teaching tools such as screen-sharing, presenting a camera feed and creating pop quizzes to best suit the needs of each class. Meanwhile, students can collaborate through open discussions in the main learning space or break out into different meeting rooms for more focused discussions. 

UNIVERSE can be run on PC desktops, laptops, iOS tablets with no additional accessories required. It only requires 500Kbps per connection, which is lower than what most video conferencing platforms require. In the future, Mac OS and Android versions will also be available while any subject can be taught in UNIVERSE as the spatialized audio supports all types of individual and group discussions, combined with functions such as screen and camera sharing. 

With purpose-built classroom management features, teachers can toggle between the Lecture Mode and Discussion Mode based on the learning scenario. Moreover, detailed learning reports which provide insights into student’s engagement levels are available after each class, supporting teachers with data-driven insights for improved learning outcomes within a digital learning environment.   

ViewSonic recently showcased UNIVERSE at ISTE Live 22 Conference & Expo in New Orleans, LA. It will be officially launched later this year. 

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial to experience learning in the metaverse here.

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