Saudi Arabia approves earth and space sciences into secondary school curricula

The teaching of earth and space sciences will start from 2023-24 

Jeddah, June 01, 2023: The Saudi Ministry of Education has approved the teaching of earth and space sciences as part of the curricula for the secondary school system.  

The teaching of earth and space sciences will start from the academic year 2023-24. 

The aim is to promote students’ positive attitudes toward space science in accordance with international best practices for academic courses, as well as recent developments, and scientific and national standards in this field. 

The book on ‘earth and space sciences’ will enable students to develop their abilities in the natural and applied sciences at the secondary level, which constitute about 50% of the fields of learning in the general track; the computer sciences and engineering track; and the health and life track, by linking theory to practice in teaching and learning processes.  

This is also by increasing hours of learning in natural and applied science subjects, as well as introducing new subjects such as earth and space sciences, data science, artificial intelligence, cyber security and the engineering field. 

The new course deals with an introduction to earth and space sciences and explores the relationship between earth, air, space, water and living organisms, in addition to linking important natural phenomena in the universe such as solar and lunar eclipses, and moon and the houses. 

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