Retired teachers in Kuwait to be rehired

The initiative aims to tackle the current teacher shortage in Kuwait’s schools 

Kuwait, Jun 24, 2024: To address ongoing shortages, particularly in science-related fields, the Ministry of Education in Kuwait is considering rehiring retired teachers. The initiative aims to leverage the expertise of national educators to tackle the current teacher shortage in Kuwait’s schools.  

The relevant departments have completed a report outlining required specialisations and identifying former teachers who are eligible for re-engagement. This is in response to the directive issued by Dr Adel Al-Adwani, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Al-Adwani advocates for the coordination of the Civil Service Commission for a feasibility study, highlighting the importance of retired Kuwaiti educators’ expertise for a smooth educational progression. 

The proposed plan outlines specific criteria for rehiring retirees, including ensuring fitness, avoiding disciplinary actions and avoiding criminal convictions related to honour or honesty. 

The public education and administrative affairs sectors have identified 15 specialisations where retired teachers could fill the current gaps. The specialisations include English, French, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, Arabic language, computers, social studies, Islamic education, decoration and electricity. 

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