GEMS group chairman launches TMRW, a new LearnOS for global education

Sunny Varkey, Chairman and Founder, TMRW and GEMS Education

Designed by educators for educators – with teachers at the heart of the platform, the OS aims to facilitate accessible and affordable education to schools across the globe

DUBAI, Nov 30, 2021: TMRW, a new and scalable Learning Operating System (LearnOS), inspired by teachers and  aimed at schools and educational institutions across the world was launched by the Chairman of GEMS Education.

The interoperable all-in-one integrated platform is built to be accessible and affordable for all type of schools operating in both developed and developing countries and built with a mission to help bring quality education to every child. 

TMRW’s EdTech platform includes a comprehensive suite of modules that can be introduced as a full ecosystem or as bolt-ons that are interoperable with technologies from other providers, offering schools the efficiency gains that integration can bring. 

“We have built this platform to be accessible and affordable for Government funded schools in every corner of the world. We seek to reach all students irrespective of their background or their ability to pay. Ultimately, our vision is to give every child their birth-right of a great education and provide hope for a better future,” says Sunny Varkey, Chairman and Founder of TMRW and GEMS Education.  

According to him Quality education is the great equaliser. It bridges the gap between the rich and the poor and gives us the greatest opportunity to improve the state of our world. “We can only achieve this mission if we learn lessons from the frontline of education,” says Varkey, who also founded the Global Teacher Prize. 

The new OS is designed to cater to the needs of every curriculum, context and mode of learning, whether brick and mortar, virtual or blended. TMRW’s vision over time is to underpin learning, teaching, and the operational needs of K12 education, higher education and life-long learning. 

From a technology perspective the platform, the company says, will be secure, scalable, multi-lingual and highly configurable to meet different needs of education systems across the globe. “It utilizes exponential technologies such as AI / ML, AR /VR, Blockchain and IOT to revolutionise the teaching and learning experience,” says Krishnan Gopi, TMRW CEO and GEMS Education Group Chief Disruption Officer. 

TMRW has been teacher-led from the drawing board to its final roll-out. The new OS draws its strength from the teaching talent within the GEMS schools network, which includes 20,000 teachers, teaching support staff and school administrators from all nationalities, delivering seven different curricula in 16 countries. 

“For far too long edtech has side-lined the voice of the teacher. Not this time, as teachers will be the beating heart of TMRW. They will be our designers, our content creators and our toughest critics,” adds Varkey.  

The platform includes modules to manage and oversee the curriculum, assessment, and track student progress. It has non-academic functionalities such as sports management, counselling and well-being. It allows schools to manage parent and student relations and includes custom-built health and child safety guarding features. It also includes back-office operations such as revenue management, HR, payroll, finance and procurement. 

Spun out from GEMS Education, TMRW has been incorporated as the independent technology entity of GEMSand aims to be an education transformation company offering comprehensive educational services such as: 

TMRW Academy – focused on professional development including teacher training 

Education Command Center – serving policy makers with real-time decision-making capabilities at a national level 

Tech-In-A-Box – Comprehensive technology backbone covering the school eco system end to end.  

TMRW Advisory Services for educational institutions on curriculum design, digital transformation, school improvement and nation-wide educational strategies.  


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