Annual Emkan School Conference to be held in Jeddah

ESC is an annual event for educators in Saudi Arabia
Organised by Emkan Education, the conference will take place on February 17, 2024 

Jeddah, Feb 6, 2024: The Annual Emkan School Conference (ESC) is set to make its return on February 17, 2024, in Jeddah. Organised by Emkan Education, a human capital development consultancy in Saudi Arabia, ESC is an annual event for educators in Saudi Arabia, fostering collaboration, driving innovation and bringing about meaningful change in the educational landscape in the country. 

ESC has carved its niche as a dynamic platform, enabling educators to network, share best practices and gain unparalleled industry insights. Over the years, it has grown into a vital hub for educators, with panel discussions and workshops presented in both Arabic and English by industry experts, academia, trainers and policymakers. 

“This conference is not just about attending sessions; it’s a space to share disruptive ideas with like-minded education leaders and thought innovators from leading public and private schools and institutions in Saudi Arabia,” says Basma Bushnak, Co-Founder and CEO at Emkan Education. 

In its sixth edition, ESC will delve into ‘Next Generation’ education this year, embracing smart and transformative approaches to create highly personalised and student-centred experiences and will explore AI integration, global literacy, personalised education, holistic education and technology integration — critical aspects to address emerging trends and challenges in the education landscape. 

The previous editions of the event have united the educational community, addressing pivotal questions and instigating positive changes. Reflecting on the conference’s continued success and growth, Sara Zaini, Co-Founder of Emkan Education says there’s more work to be done to achieve the envisioned educational forms outlined in VISION 2030. The Annual Emkan School Conference serves as a platform to propel the right discussions and actions toward those goals. 

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