Solve your classroom projection system problems with Panasonic’s PT-LMZ460 Series

Highly Portable, silent, maintenance free projector
Say goodbye to poor image quality, low projection speed and maintenance hassles 

Dubai, Jan 22, 2024: Panasonic has launched the PT-LMZ460 Series, a lineup of portable laser projectors designed specifically for educational needs. The series comprises six projector models including PT-LMZ460, PT-LMZ420, PT-LMW460, PT-LMW420, PT-LMX460 and PT-LMX420.  

The PT-LMZ460 Series allows the teacher to start projection instantly without delays. Unlike lamp-based projectors, which take time to start, the LMZ460 Series projects content about one second after powering on from standby and operates super quiet. It also features a Direct Off function so the projector can be turned off at any time via the room breaker. 

PT-LMZ460 Projector


Effortless projection, anywhere, anytime 

LMZ460 Series is highly portable with a compact, easy-to-carry body weighing just 4.2kg. It enables link control with the source via CEC command-compatible HDMI and adjusts the screen with Digital Zoom Extender and Image Shift function. 

Efficient, reliable and cost-effective 

The SOLID SHINE Laser light source and reusable ECO filter don’t require replacement for 20,000 hours when used in a typical classroom environment. With maximum power consumption of 240W, the LMZ460 Series uses 20% less energy than conventional lamp-based models due to its high-efficiency optical engine. 

Clear images in bright light 

Vivid images stay bright and clearly visible in well-lit classrooms. With up to 4,600lm brightness, 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast and WUXGA resolution, images are sharp and detailed at a size the whole class can see. 

Panasonic’s PT-LMZ460 Series emphasizes seamless functionality and innovative features to enhance the learning environment. Offering instant start-up capabilities, quiet mode, and user-friendly portable laser projectors, the series caters to the needs of educational professionals in the classroom. 

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