GEMS Education launches Children’s Services team

GEMS Education Child Services Department
The initiative combines experts in one team covering provisions such as well-being, inclusion, safeguarding and SEN to nurture all abilities 

Dubai, Nov 9, 2023: GEMS Education has launched Children’s Services department across all its 44 schools in the UAE and Qatar.  

The initiative combines expertise covering a wide range of provisions, including well-being, inclusion, safeguarding, GEMS For Life, Special Educational Needs (SEN), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and gifted and talented student focus.  

In coordination with the Chief Education Officer and GEMS’ Senior Vice Presidents, the team will work for the benefit of students, bringing to bear the latest best practice execution and data across its wide spectrum of delivery. 

Dr. Saima Rana, Chief Education Officer of GEMS Education has introduced the new team as part of a five-year Education Strategy 

David Irish, Senior Vice President of Children’s Services at GEMS says, “The Children’s Services department represents a collaborative effort to offer comprehensive support that addresses various aspects of our students development.” 

The Safeguarding and Inclusion teams at GEMS are great examples of dedicated expertise and experience already working very proactively within our schools and bringing huge added value to the students as and when required,” says Maryssa O’Connor, Senior Vice-President, Education.  

“We are now building on those solid foundations substantially with the introduction of a combined Children’s Services department under David’s experienced leadership,” adds O’Connor. 

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