GEMS Education recruits 2,445 new teachers

Many of this year’s new hires have relocated from abroad, chiefly from the UK, US and India
The group has set a new milestone by recording the largest intake in its 64-year history 

Dubai, Aug 23, 2023: GEMS Education has hired 2,445 new teachers ahead of the school opening for 2023-24. While the new teachers have been hired from around the world, many of them are chiefly from the UK, US and India. 

Educators from around the world were welcomed by the group as it hosted its largest-ever teacher induction day in Dubai for its network of 44 schools across the UAE and Qatar. 

GEMS Education recorded the largest intake of fresh talent in the 64-year history of the group. 

The new intake of teachers spans the full range of year groups from kindergarten and Foundation Stage to post-16, and covers British, IB, US and Indian curricula. 

Additionally, GEMS has made notable progress with its Emiratisation programme by adding 196 Emirati nationals into its team for the new academic year, which begins on Monday (August 28). 

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