Alef Education showcases innovative digital learning technologies at BETT 2023

The solutions ranged from programs to apps  

London, April 04, 2023: Alef Education, a UAE-based global education technology provider, showcased a range of products designed to support students and educators at the EdTech exhibition, British Education Training and Technology show (BETT), from March 29-31, 2023. The annual event brought together international education professionals, policymakers and technology providers to explore the latest developments in education technology. 

Alef Education showcased a range of programs and apps at the exhibition:  

Alef Pathways is a student-centred, self-paced supplemental math program. The solution includes diagnostics and recommended developmental pathways, interactive learning content and formative and summative assessments to measure progress. It enables teachers to monitor student progress and recommends appropriate materials to support their needs. 

Arabits is a mobile app designed for non-native speakers to learn Arabic. Powered by state-of-the-art AI, Arabits is a complete language learning system created by education experts that helps students of all ages master Arabic language skills. 

Alef English is a simple yet effective approach to teaching foundational literacy skills. The program offers discrete skill instruction through videos and high-interest interactive readers aligned with Lexile/CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels scaffolded for lower-level learners. Additional features include immediate student/teacher feedback in assessments and games for content review. 

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