Sharjah schools can opt from new learning models to comply with 3-day weekend

Schools will remain shut on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the new year

Sharjah, Dec 21, 2021: Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has announced three new learning models for private schools. Schools have been given the option to follow one of the models. The decision has been taken in accordance with the shorter school week. 

Tariq Al Hammadi, Director of Support Services, SPEA announced the three models to make up for the loss of one academic day every week. 

The new modules include longer school hours where private schools can increase the time of the school day and modify their schedules for the day as per the requirement. However, the number of classes for each subject must not be reduced. 

Schools are also entitled to hold a maximum of three hours of e-classes per week after school hours. 

Schools can also add a maximum of one week to the academic year. 

Meanwhile, private schools that follow the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) curriculum will have to adhere to the timetable specified by the Ministry for exam dates and valuation. 

From January 3, 2022, the new working days for private schools will be from Monday to Thursday while Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the weekend. 

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