Dubai Schools to serve only pre-packaged food in canteens

Buffets and other forms of meal gatherings are not allowed in canteens 

Dubai, Aug 28, 2021: With the reopening of schools, canteens are restricted  to serve only pre-packed meals. Cafeterias and canteens are instructed to operate with adequate precautionary measures. 

According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) protocol, schools in Dubai can provide catering services as long as the food is pre-packaged and follows the municipality’s guidelines,  while teachers must make sure that students do not share food among themselves.

The KHDA said, “Buffets and other forms of meal gatherings are not allowed. Meal breaks should be staggered to ensure the recommended one metre of physical distance between the students.” Furthermore, the KHDA protocol also states to monitor social distancing and capacity limits at cafeterias. 

However, the authority has advised parents and students to get their own food, drinks and cutlery items to safeguard the students from catching the COVID-19 infection. 

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