Repton Family of Schools appoints new Principal

Gillian Hammond, Principal, Repton School Dubai
Gillian Hammond will take the role as Interim Principal of Repton Al Barsha while Vice Principal Steven Lupton has been appointed as Interim Principal for Repton Abu Dhabi

Dubai, Feb 23, 2022: The Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has appointed Gillian Hammond as the Interim Principal for the 2022-23 academic year. 

Hammond has been part of the Repton Family of Schools since the 2017-18 academic year and has played an integral role in developing the parent committee – ‘Friends of Repton’.

Meanwhile, Zoe Woolley has been appointed as one of the first female heads in Saudi Arabia and the first female Headmistress of Jeddah Prep and Grammar school in Jeddah, at the start of the 2022-23 academic year. Woolley was  the Headmistress of Repton Al Barsha. 

Zoe Woolley has been part of the Repton senior leadership team since 2015 and has played a vital role in the expansion of the Al Barsha South campus into Senior School years, following a strategically designed organic year-on-year growth to provide the IGCSE curriculum in Year 10 and Year 11 and A-levels for Year 12 and Year 13. 

Vice Principal Steven Lupton will take over as Interim Principal of Repton Abu Dhabi with the existing senior leadership team including Aran Smith, Acting Vice Principal and Headteacher of Junior School, Stephen Davis, Headteacher of Senior School and Marie Al Nasrawi as Headteacher of Rose campus at Repton Abu Dhabi. 

Meanwhile, in September 2021, Repton Al Barsha had appointed Chandini Misra as the new Head of Senior School to spearhead the school’s expansion into Senior School. 

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