Are you a K-12 teacher? Then this is for you…

There is no one better suited than educators and teachers to indicate the extent to which technology has had an impact on classroom teaching 
Education Middle East‘s Classroom Tech Wishlist survey is designed to shed light on the specific technologies teachers in the GCC desire to enhance their teaching experience 

Dubai, May 2023: Technological innovations are revolutionising education, leading to significant changes in the way teachers impart knowledge and students engage in the learning process.  

With advancements in technology, teachers are transitioning from traditional roles as ‘Sages of the Stage’ to becoming ‘Wizards of the Web,’ utilising digital tools to create immersive and interactive learning experiences.  

With the adoption of new cutting-edge technology, education establishments are fast transforming from the brick-and-mortar school to a bytes and pixel environment. By understanding the needs and preferences of educators, we aim to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively incorporate technology into their classrooms.  

Education Middle East’s Classroom Tech Wishlist survey is designed to shed light on the specific technologies teachers in the GCC region desire to enhance their teaching experience.  

The survey is open to K-12 teachers across the GCC, encouraging their active participation in shaping the future of education. Teachers are encouraged to share their insights and perspectives on the gadgets and tools they believe would make their jobs easier, improve learning outcomes and create a more effective educational environment.  

What’s more, participating in the survey also presents an exciting opportunity for teachers to win attractive prizes including ACER TRAVELMATE P6 (Super-light, Powerful Laptop), JABRA PANACAST 20 (Video Conferencing Webcam) and JABRA SPEAK2 55 (Next Gen Professional Speaker).  

All you have to do is answer a few questions and stand a chance to be rewarded. 

To participate in the Classroom Tech Wishlist survey, K-12 teachers in the GCC region can visit . 

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