Emirates Transport completes smart services to support school transport

The move will help about 6,000 school transport buses

Abu Dhabi, Oct 24, 2021: Emirates Transport (ET) has completed a new set of digital and smart services and applications to support school buses.

According to the announcement by ET,  it will help about 6,000 school buses. Faryal Tawakul, Acting CEO of Emirates Transport, says, “In cooperation with the Sharjah Private Education Authority, Emirates Transport launched the smart application Your Children are Safe, which was developed based on its own experience with its huge fleet of more than 6,000 school transport buses.”

The development will aid the operations in the public and private schools transport sector throughout the country. 

The application allows parents of students to track their children’s bus journeys to and from school, from the moment they leave the house and board the buses until they disembark. The application will also provide stakeholders with a variety of data and operational statistics, such as the daily movement of school buses, the number of trips, transferred and absent students and alerts in the event of any emergency.

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