Are UAE schools ready for security robots?

Picture Courtesy: Otsaw Digital
As schools the world over deal with increasingly complex security challenges, the integration of technological advancements in security solutions has become a strategic necessity

Automation in surveillance infrastructure has already changed the way humans think and perceive security. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities have transformed the capabilities of CCTV cameras and access control systems being deployed at public places.

Advancements in robotic technology have further enhanced the industry’s enthusiasm in deploying them towards strengthening the security infrastructure. The ability of robots to be mobile and operate 24/7 combined with robust computing power to analyse and assess threat scenarios have made them work almost on par or better than humans when it comes to surveillance.

As schools deal with increasingly complex security challenges, the integration of these technological advancements has become a strategic necessity.

Robots as security guards

Several schools across the US, faced with recent security breaches and gun violence, are testing the effectiveness of robots as security guards. Santa Fe High School in New Mexico was one of the first schools to trial a robot as security guard. The robots developed by SMP Robotics was deployed in association with its partner in the US, Team 1st Technologies.

Explaining the capabilities of the robots, Tal Turner, Vice-President, SMP Robotics says these robots provide 360-degree panoramic views and can actively engage with potential threats.

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