ADEK integrates Abu Dhabi Blue School initiative into the Alhosn app

School-specific data will be updated every two weeks to ensure parents have transparent vaccination rate data across their children’s classrooms, macro bubbles and schools

Abu Dhabi, Dec 30, 2021: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and Alhosn National Health System have announced that the Abu Dhabi Blue School initiative has been integrated into the Alhosn App. The initiative’s integration into the official COVID-19 testing channel for health authorities in the UAE has been made to foster transparency, encourage optimal vaccination rates and ensure the health and safety of the Abu Dhabi school community.

ADEK Undersecretary Amer Al Hammadi says that by integrating Abu Dhabi Blue Schools as a dedicated feature in the Alhosn App, parents will be able to view accurate vaccination rate data across their children’s classrooms, macro bubbles and schools. 

As of December 30, Abu Dhabi parents can update their Alhosn app through the AppStore and GooglePlay, add their children to their personal accounts and access updated school information through the Abu Dhabi Blue Schools feature. To ensure student privacy, school and classroom vaccination insights will appear as anonymized percentages and numbers. 

“Our globally regarded response is the result of close cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, as evidenced by ADEK’s collaboration with the Alhosn National Health System team, which demonstrates how data utilization and cutting-edge technology can boost transparency and reassure parents about the health and safety of their children,” adds Al Hammadi. 

With the launch of the Abu Dhabi Blue Schools feature on the Alhosn App, school’s vaccination numbers and percentages for in-class students will be updated every fortnight.

Launched in October 2021, the Abu Dhabi Blue Schools initiative encourages immunization of all students to increase protection against COVID-19 and its variants. The initiative offers Abu Dhabi schools a clear roadmap to normalcy by providing customized privileges based on student vaccination rates.

Since its launch, the initiative has helped drive increased vaccination uptake among private and charter school students, with 45 of schools already moving to the Yellow tier, 22 to the Green tier and two schools to the Blue tier after achieving 85%+ vaccination rates for students attending schools physically. 

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