Hikvision’s smart education solutions to provide intuitive learning experience for students

The latest generation of in-classroom interactive digital displays makes the teaching and learning experience more efficient and engaging 

Dubai, Oct 03, 2023: In today’s age where digital campus building has become prevalent worldwide with advanced and easy-to-deploy products and systems, Hikvision’s smart education solution provides a more intuitive learning experience for students, while transforming the ways teachers organise classes and supervisors evaluate them. 

With Hikvision’s latest generation of in-classroom interactive digital displays, the teaching and learning experience becomes more efficient and engaging. This is based on visual experiences that are far superior to traditional chalkboards and the ability to share multimedia teaching materials direct to students’ devices in real time.   

Hikvision’s latest digital solutions can help close the educational divide by allowing students at home or in other remote locations to access classes broadcasted from school classrooms in real time, or classes that are recorded and shared with remote students at a later time.  

Hikvision’s smart education solutions combine with multi-display classrooms to deliver highly flexible and dynamic learning environments. By linking Hikvision PTZ cameras that focus on key areas, and by working together with other smart video technologies, teachers and students have the ability to make the vision of fully interactive classes a reality.  

To learn more about Hikvision Smart Classroom Solutions, visit theHikvision website. To discuss which solution can help you better contact the Hikivision team, or visit them at the Hikvision booth at GESS 2023: K20.  

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