The Curious Case of No. 9

The 9 times table is like that serious uncle who looks imposing, then all at once his playful side shows up and he turns out to be surprisingly kind of fun. Believe me.

Have you heard the story of this little boy who had a test in which he had to write down the 9 times table. But he didn’t know it! His mind went blank. So, after a while, instead of writing down the answers, he started numbering the 9 times table, starting from zero. All the way down to 10, he numbered it. Then he got bored and began numbering it again from zero, all the way back up. By then, the bell rang and it was time for him to give in his paper, which he did reluctantly. Lo and behold, to his surprise, the teacher was very happy. He had got all the 9 times tables correct!

How? Write down the 9 times tables without the answers and then number it like the little boy did. There’s the twist in this tale of the table.

If you thought the 9 times table was tough to learn (unlike the chilled out 2 times table or the 5 times and the 10 times tables) think again.

Here are a few more games that the 9 times tables plays:

Then, of course, there is the hand game that you can play with many of the other tables as well:

And  here are a few more:

Hope you had fun with the mischievous number 9. Many numbers have a lot more quirkiness the more you get to know them!