Best practices for school safety and security

As schools prepare for the new academic session, we talk to experts about security policies, practices and technologies that can offer the highest level of protection for students, teachers and visitors

Security parameters of educational institutions are developed on the basis of prevailing laws, available threat perception and the ability of the institution to implement them comprehensively.

Governments across the GCC region have come a long way in establishing institutional safety guidelines and regulations, which have provided a benchmark to schools. Regulatory bodies have also been stringent in ensuring that all policy guidelines are strictly adhered to.  

However, threat perceptions have been fast evolving, creating new challenges and establishing a need for constant review of existing guidelines. Rapid technology advancements have both created opportunities for new threats and provided solutions capable of mitigating them.

Are we equipped enough to adapt to these fast changing security challenges? How secure are schools across the GCC compared to the rest of the world? What should school administrators do to adopt best practices and ensure that their institutions follow the latest safety parameters?

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